This is the download site for StrataSynch. StrataSynch is a tool for musical composition based upon techniques presented in Joseph Schillinger's Schillinger System of Musical Composition. For readers familiar with the Schillinger System of Musical Composition, StrataSynch combines techniques from

After the user enters parameters into StrataSynch(Click here to view the StrataSynch manual), StrataSynch performs the following operations to generate a musical pattern.

This is a limited version of StrataSynch. The goals for its distribution are to

I think its features are nevertheless powerful. They include

I am developing a more powerful version of StrataSynch with the following features slated for inclusion.


StrataSynch's output is the textual music language ABC. As such, additional utilites are required to play and/or view the output in musical notation. The latest installer provides binaries of these various utilities which can be installed with StrataSynch. All of these are GNU versions . I have provided links to all of them so you may learn more about them etc.

User Knowledge

The knowledge required to use StrataSynch is dependent upon your personal goals. After gaining some experience with StrataSynch, I believe it's possible for someone to just play with and produce pleasurable musical patterns. Nevertheless I believe some knowledge of basic music theory is ultimately required and knowledge of Schillinger's techniques is even better.



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Schillinger, Joseph The Schillinger System of Musical Composition
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